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The vision of VFCA is to “Raise Godly Leaders.”

This vision encompasses everything that VFCA does as an institution. We believe that in order for our students to be Godly leaders, they must be trained holistically. As a school, we believe that it is imperative to train our children academically, spiritually and physically.

As such, our curriculum and academic offerings seek to challenge our students to grow deeper intellectually and spiritually. Each curriculum that is chosen is Biblically based and is designed to help the student achieve new heights academically.


Lower School

Valley Fellowship Christian Academy employs a mixture of Bob Jones and A Beka curriculums. Both curriculums are Biblically based and are used to specifically target academic needs. The A Beka curriculum is primarily used K5-2nd  grades to increase fluency in reading, while the Bob Jones is primarily used in grades 3rd and up to develop skills in reading comprehension. 


Teacher smiling while pointing out something in a book for a student in a classroom
For mathematics, Valley Fellowship Christian Academy has vertically aligned its curriculum to Saxon Math. As an institution, we issue the ACT Aspire to students in grades 3rd-10th. The test itself requires students to think analytically and comprehensively about mathematics. As a school, we researched different curricula and determined that Saxon math best met our students’ math needs as its’ learning objectives best aligned with the domains of the ACT Aspire. Because it is a secular curriculum however, the teachers are asked to Biblically integrate each and every lesson.

Upper School

The focus of the Upper School’s curriculum is to prepare students for collegiate success in academics. There is a tremendous emphasis on effective writing skills, particularly at the high school level. Additionally, the math curriculum is vertically aligned to Saxon and serves as a continuation of what is learned at the elementary levels.

In the High School, students are given options for dual enrollment in subjects such as English in order to facilitate a faster graduation time in college. The dual enrollment program also serves as a means of preparing our students for the rigors of college course work. 

Main Campus (Grades 3 - 12)
3205 Holmes Ave. Huntsville, AL 35816

Early Edu. Campus (Infant - 2nd Grade)
3616 Holmes Ave. Huntsville, AL 35816

(256) 533-5248

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