In todays world, Christian education is often questioned. Many people wonder if it is an essential component of the Christian faith and many others see it as an unnecessary expense. As a student, I grew up in Christian education. I attended a Christian school from kindergarten all the way to graduation. Many of my classmates hated Christian education and longed to go to a public school as they believed it would give them more extracurricular options and a better social life. I never questioned my education. If anything, I understood at an early age that my Christian education was an asset. I vividly remember attending a secular university and being forced to defend my faith on a daily basis. Fortunately, my education held firm and I never swayed from the tenets of the faith. Upon graduating, a liberal professor whom I had for several classes, approached me and told me how much she respected me for standing up for my faith as none of my classmates had ever done that. For that testimony, I have Christian education to thank.

Later, through various circumstances, I ended up teaching for five years in a public school. Personally, the five years I spent there were very fulfilling. However, I always thought that there was something missing. I would sit in on ARD (admission, retention, and dismissal) meetings and see the trials that some kids would go through. My thoughts would always drift back to Christian education and how much a Spirit filled environment would help these kids. There were times that I would do everything humanly possible to help a child, and yet know that I could not make a difference in that child. I knew in my heart that there is only one person who can completely change a child’s life-Jesus Christ.

With my daughter reaching school age, we made the commitment as a family to do everything possible to give her a Christian education, one centered on teaching her the principles of the faith and preparing her to be a Godly leader. When we visited Valley Fellowship, we knew that this was a school that could do that. Today, if somebody asked me what the value of Christian education was, I would answer, “The value of Christian education is in raising children to be Godly leaders who will make a difference in the world.” In other words, priceless.