Parents of VFCA, come support the Fire! Our lady fire have been playing hard all season and would love to see you at a game! Below is the list of remaining games on their schedule:

  • September 6th- Lady Fire @ Pineview (5:00-7:30)
  • September 11th- Lady Fire @ Cornerstone, Decatur (4:30-7:00)
  • September 14th- Lady Fire @ Marshall (5:00-7:30)
  • September 18th- Rainsville @ Lady Fire (Optimist Recreation Center, 5:00-7:30)
  • September 21st- Lady Fire @ Huntsville Christian (4:00-6:30)
  • September 25th- Pineview @ Lady Fire (Optimist Recreation Center, 5:00-7:30)
  • September 28th- Lady Fire @ Providence (Optimist Recreation Center, 5:00-7:30pm)
  • October 2nd- Marshall @ Lady Fire (Optimist Recreation Center, 4:30-7:00pm)
  • October 8th- Lawrence County @Lady Fire (Optimist Recreation Center, 5:00-6:30pm, Varsity only)

We hope that you can come out and support the Lady Fire!